With all the recent controversy surrounding Jessie J and her sexuality Pappzd decided to take a look at some girl on girl moments that left us with our jaws dropping and questioning the sexual preferences of some of our favourite celebs. Let’s take a look:

Katy Perry Shows Lady Sovereign her Va jay jay

Katy Perry groping Lady Sovereign

Back in 2010 Katy Perry and self confessed lesbian Lady Sovereign allegedly had a fling at a party in New York. According to sources the I Kissed a Girl star and Lady Sovereign were locked in a bathroom for hours ‘doing naughty things to each other.’ Lady Sovereign admitted that she saw Katy Perry’s va jay jay saying

I’ve seen parts of Katy Perry I shouldn’t have seen. At one of her afterparties she put her pajamas on and I don’t think she was wearing anything underneath. It was like a long t-shirt kind of thing.

The party was out of control. Just a thing in her hotel room, but yeah I saw something I shouldn’t have seen.

Rihanna’s UK Girl Crushes

Earlier on this year Rihanna confessed to Esquire Magazine that she had a girl crush on Cheryl Cole and Adele, and she does indeed perv on them. Cheryl Cole seemed to be pleased that the Bajan star admires her and tweeted

no problem @rihanna I’m always pervin on you anyway..Minus interviewer..Lmao #girlcrush #pervin4thefunofit

Rihanna has never been shy of admitting her love for the female form and in a 2010 interview with i-D magazine admitted ‘I love women-LOVE them-but I’m not gay!’

Carmel Candy Spanking Elisha Jade’s Ass

When we found this video of models Carmel Candy and Elisha Jade our jaws dropped as we watched Carmel naughtily spank Elisha’s bum on a night out. The two models are both known for their dangerous curves, so watching them grope each other sent our hearts racing.

Melody Ellington’s Girl on Girl Tongue Action

Woah there! Is this attention seeking or genuine attraction? Either way Melody Ellington’s tongue action with model Nakiya Milan at The Jump Off earlier this month certainly had people talking and guaranteed them a place on our top les-be-honest moments.

Mel B’s Lesbian Lover Affair

Back in 2007 it was revealed that Mel B had a two year affair with two lesbian lovers, Christa Parkes and her friend Elizabeth Rodriguez. Christa revealed that her relationship with Mel B became sexual in 2005 and that the three women regularly had ‘sex sessions.’ However the affair was interrupted when Mel B started dating Eddie Murphy in 2006, and eventually ended when she married Stephen Belafonte in 2007.

We guess you’re not alone Jessie J, as the women above clearly do it like a dude as well.