Ever seen an outfit on a celeb and wondered how much it costs? Well if you have you are not alone! Pappzd has decided to tot up the totals of our favourite celeb outfits and give them a rating of Broke, Budget or Ballin’.

In the video shoot for her new single Young, Tulisa’s style team opted for a youthful yet sassy look to compliment the mood of the upbeat song. One of the most eye catching and memorable outfits from the video was this Vivienne Westwood Red Label Asymmetric Metallic Jersey Dress. The silver tones of the dress are a perfect choice for the scenes in the video where Tulisa stands against the bronze tones of a burnt out car. The low ‘V’ of the dress draws attention to her ample bust and the asymmetric hem adds a modern edge to the glamourous look.

The dress makes a statement all on its own so hair and make up were kept simple, and Tulisa’s natural looks and brand new teeth shone through. The dress is teamed with a pair of Jane Norman Zebra Print Slingback Courts, which are significantly cheaper than the rest of the outfit, this might be an attempt to point out that  ‘down to earth’ Tulisa shops on the highstreet. The style story behind this video seems to be the juxaposition of the luxurious abandon of the young and rich, and the urban grittiness of real life, but did it fall more on the side of trashy instead?


Price Tags

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Asymmetric Metallic Jersey Dress: £515

Jane Norman Zebra Print Slingback Courts: £40

Pappzd Verdict: Budget

Maybe X Factor doesn’t pay as well as we thought…