The never-ending tale of Tulisa’s sex tape continues as the singer has now revealed in her witness statement that the reason she initially denied it was her in the footage was because she was too drunk to remember being filmed. How very convenient.

She said of the tape, which was filmed backstage at an N-Dubz gig:

I believe I must have been intoxicated at the time the video footage was taken. Now that I can see the video, I can see it is me in it. I must have been very drunk to let my then boyfriend Justin Edwards, who I also know features in the video, take the footage.

But, although the N-Dubz star has no recollection of a video being made, she admits that she had suspicions of a tape existing and even got in touch with other ex boyfriends last year to find out if they knew of any footage being leaked.

I asked if any of them knew about any footage. They all denied it or trying to sell any. I was unsure whether it really existed. I was, however, suspicious of Justin Edwards. He admitted taking footage of me on his mobile but said he deleted it before he sold the phone. I had, and still have, no recollection of such footage being taken. He became uncomfortable when I asked what the footage was. I was scared someone might have it.

Hmm. So Tulisa ‘doesn’t remember’ being filmed but still knew there could potentially be a sex tape of her and an ex? Yet she wasn’t sure which ex it could be, which begs the question: how many people has she actually made a sex tape with?

The eight page witness statement (which was made on 23 March) also states that Tulisa believes her ex boyfriend MC Ultra (real name Justin Edwards) has shown other girls the tape and wants to destroy her career. She even claims that Edwards may have other videos of her, although we’re sure she ‘doesn’t remember’ those either.

He used to say he would wait until I became big, then release it to make money. I believe Justin Edwards is a manipulating and bitter man. He has a jealous vendetta against me. This video is part of a plan to damage my life and career.

Happier times: Tulisa and Justin Edwards

We can’t help but feel that Tulisa is acting more like the female full of excuses rather than the female boss at the moment.

She is suing Edwards (who has denied leaking the tape) this summer.