What’s the best cure for a serious case of embarrassment? Running away to America of course. And that’s exactly what Tulisa is planning on doing according to a source close to the singer who told the Daily Star:

The sex tape scandal has hit her hard. Behind closed doors she’s been an absolute mess and she’s found all the attention over it really tough to take. She’s desperate to get out of Britain and away from it all. Everywhere she goes here people are whispering and making jokes about the tape, which really upsets her. Going to America means she’ll be able to escape everything for a while

After fleeing the Drake after party earlier this week, the singer’s friends have advised her to ‘lay low’ for a while in the States as she is still finding it hard to face the outside world. The source also revealed to the Daily Star that Tulisa has already booked her flight to America and is looking for an apartment in Miami.

Tulisa has even considered moving to America full-time and quitting life over here. She is desperate for a fresh start and she thinks this could be the answer. She’s already on the hunt for somewhere to live so no one would be surprised if she turned her back on Britain for good. She says she’s never been happier than during the month she had in Miami. She was really relaxed, had fun with friends and made some great industry contacts. No one can blame her for wanting to go there for good, especially with all the sex tape scandal rumbling on in the UK

To make matters worse, the sex tape that caused Tulisa all this grief has now gone on sale in Soho, beating her debut single Young (still only available to pre order on iTunes) to the shops.

Awkward: poster for Tulisa's tape are put up outside shop in Soho

Maybe she left her balls in America, and we really hope she finds them because it’s about time she held her head up high and got over it.