Tulisa's dad, Plato Contostavlos

Tulisa’s dad Plato Contostavlos has revealed that he is fond of Tulisa’s new boyfriend Jack O’Connell. When asked about Tulisa’s ex Fazer and her current squeeze former Skins star Jack O’Connell Plato said he was unhappy her previous relationship had ended but had given O’Connell his full approval.

The only ex that Mr Contostavlos has a problem with is Justin Edwards (aka MC Ultra of Tulisa Sex Tape fame) whom he has condemned for allegedly leaking the footage which Pappzd reported last month. Mr Contostavlos claims Edwards ‘destroyed’ his family, saying

Tulisa is strong but it ­seriously dented her confidence… I tried to speak to her about it but she was so upset she couldn’t talk… he has ripped her heart apart.

Mr Contostavlos also admitted he took an instant dislike to Edwards when first meeting him, labeling him as arrogant and even accusing him of jumping on the N-Dubz bandwagon as the group broke into the mainstream.

Now that Jack’s in Tulisa’s dads good books we’ll be on the lookout for wedding bells.