01 April is one of the best days of the year; you get to lie, make people panic and play elaborate practical jokes. And it’s all in the name of fun.

So PappzD thought we’d look at some of the funniest April Fools Day jokes on our timeline.

The ‘I’m Pregnant’ One

Yes, we’ve all done the whole ‘Mum I’m pregnant joke’ but what if it’s your mother who tells you she’s up the duff.

And Funny Miss London wasn’t the only one who had a baby scare. Tanya Lacey fooled Wretch 32 into thinking he was about to become a daddy again.

The ‘Rihanna’ One

Well this is a new one to us, but one that will probably be repeated time and time again until everyone gets over the whole Chris Brown beating affair. Celebrity blogger Vas J Morgan thought it would be funny to fool everyone into thinking Breezy and RiRi were caught in action, though we didn’t even have to click the link to realise it was a joke.


The ‘Music’ One

‘My label just dropped me’ or ‘My single’s number 1’ are common April Fools Day jokes amongst musicians. So when Jme released a ‘new single’ we had to raise an eyebrow, or two. And if it’s not a joke it really should be.

Then Labrinth revealed that he is pulling his album and quitting music because he cant handle the pressure – like Simon Cowell would ever allow that…

And we definitely knew it was a joke when Donaeo told his followers he had been signed by Kanye West and released a single with Drake. Look dude, you’ve gotta be realistic with these things.

Even PappzD got involved, sending out one of our infamous and provocative tweets that we know got you guys excited.

We even changed our site’s homepage to a cryptic message hinting at a shutdown by a court order injunction. Some savvy readers deciphered the hidden code in the first line of the message. However, most didn’t.

But we ain’t going nowhere and we pity the fool that thinks we will!

Do you play any pranks? Did they work or did you get rumbled straight away? What were the best pranks you saw today? Let us know in the comments below, include links where possible