Drake is still touring the UK and seemed to put on a great show on Thursday night at the LG Arena in Birmingham. In fact, so energized was he that he fell over during a very over excited performance of his track Take Care.

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As you can see from the video footage, Drizzy was putting a lot of effort in to prancing  dancing around on stage while the audience sang Rihanna’s part of the song, but he failed to notice the different levels of the stage and tripped.

Luckily for him, the YMCMB star saved the fall by turning it into a backwards roll and quickly sprung up again as if nothing had happened. He was so professional, he could have convinced us that it was part of the routine but the roar from the crowd revealed there was no fooling the Brum fans who turned out to see him.

Drake appears to be making a habit of falling on stage, following another during a performance with Lil Wayne back in 2009 which led to him having knee surgery. Perhaps less jumping around next time?

Check out the video. We couldn’t resist a chuckle (the fall is at around 1:30).