Arguably the most entertaining personality on the BBC’s The Voice, has been criticised for not spending as much time with his contestants as his rival coaches Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue manage with their team.

The Black Eyed Peas star has been paid around £600,000 ($1Million) to mentor hopefuls on the show, but has only managed to fit in three 40 minute rehearsals with his team, while Tom Jones has apparently spent twice as much time with his five contestants, in one-on-one sessions lasting up to an hour.

Tom has also given his contestants his personal email address to contact him in-between rehearsals, yet Will only keeps in touch with his team via Twitter.

Being a successful recording artist, producer, DJ and songwriter, Will’s schedule is as busy as ever and he hasn’t let his role on The Voice come in between his international commitments, as he regularly flies to America in-between shows.

On Thursday he proved just how hectic his week had been and tweeted a picture of himself on a plane.

Are you sitting comfortably? Will jets off again

However, the star’s jet setting lifestyle hasn’t affected 30-year-old Tyler James’ confidence in his mentor, as he explained that even though they’d barely seen each other, Will is still there when they need him. Tyler told the Daily Mail:

We last saw a few days ago. We can tweet him. The thing is, even though he’s obviously busy, he’ll go back to America for two days. He’ll nip to some random country for a day and then he’ll be back when we need him to be here. He’s back with you, intense, making sure you’re doing what you need to be doing. He’s wicked.

But if you thought Will wasn’t taking his role on the show as seriously as fellow coaches, a source for The Voice cleared up the confusion, revealing that actually each coach spends the same amount of time with their team:

In fact, Will’s team and Tom’s team have had exactly the same number of sessions. They met once last week, and three times this week. Each session lasts 40 minutes, though if they make changes to their song later they may spend a bit more time on it. Also, Will’s team all have an email address for contacting him, though they tend to use Twitter to reach him instead.

And let’s face it, everyone checks Twitter more regularly than their email these days anyway.