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By now we’re all aware of the type of chat up lines Adam Deacon uses to get girls, well in his films at least. But it seems that the actor has a different approach to ‘oi my size’ when it comes to talking to women in real life and it’s inspired by the soap opera EastEnders.

On Tuesday Adam sat down with Greg James on BBC Three’s new talk show Britain Unzipped and shared his ‘party trick’, which involves playing the theme tune to EastEnders on his mobile phone *insert blank face here*.

And this apparently has girls throwing themselves at him? It couldn’t possibly be to do with the fact that he’s a BAFTA award winning actor?

Well at least some girls are impressed by it because we have to admit, he wouldnt be as successful if he came up to any of the female members of the Pappzd team playing a struggle version of the EastEnders theme tune.