Former Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace launched a verbal attack against superstar Rihanna calling her a ‘dumb broad’ and suggesting that the Bajan star should be banned from Twitter.

Aisleyne’s rant began when she saw the pictures Rihanna tweeted on Wednesday showing the Take Care singer throwing cash at strippers with the caption #RoleModelShit.

The 'disgusting' pictures that offended Aisleyne

Now we have to agree that the pictures are pretty filthy, but Rihanna isn’t exactly Mother Teresa. Plus how many times has the controversial star told the world she isn’t a role model?

And we’re not trying to take sides here, but isn’t this the same Aisleyne who’s spent the best part of her career with her tits falling out of her tops? Or maybe this has something to do with the fact that Aisleyne was, apparently without her consent, the face of a strip joint in New York?


Who knows?

Hopefully Aisleyne’s choice words will encourage Rihanna to stop sharing her XXX pictures with the world in future. And we reckon now would be the right time for Barbados to revise Rihanna’s status as their nation’s tourist ambassador, because this is not a good look.