If I had got my hands on a Mary Katrantzou dress, I would have a grin on my face just like Alesha’s. The singer sat on the judging panel on this weeks Britain’s Got Talent in this attention grabbing mini dress with a contrasting train and a pair of satin platform shoes.

Kantrantzou’s signature clashing prints may be celebrated in the fashion world, but the viewers were not that impressed. The ruffle effect on the front of the dress and gold Christmas bow are probably not to everyone’s taste but at least Alesha did the dress justice with smoky eyes and tousled curls.

Miss Dixon also managed to show off her gorgeous pins while still looking demure next to the half naked Amanda Holden.

While the public may not have been huge fans of this look, Alesha’s outfit didn’t look so bad as soon as Tulisa stepped on stage in that car crash of an outfit (I’m still having nightmares about those school shoes.)

Pappzd Verdict: Shake Their Hand