Alexandra Burke has been banging on about something called “Let it Go” on her Twitter for ages but we had no idea what she was on about…

Until now…

Errrrrm….where is her promotion?! Did you know she had a new single out? Nah… neither did we!

I think I vaguely remember a rather odd and awkward interview on Daybreak promoting that awful single Elephant. (The irony is too much!) Now, there is not a single advert, poster or annoying Youtube advert promoting her single in sight! Surely she has a better PR engine than her TWITTER?!

So it makes us wonder, are her label doing this on purpose?! After all, she wouldn’t be the first X Factor winner (Steve, Shane, Leon, Joe, Matt) to be “let go”. But you’d think they would want a return on an investment right?

Even a fan is calling her career into question.

Bit harsh though to be fair! Faded is a strong word!

Have a look at the video below for her new single Let it Go. She looks smoking hot and she’s pulling off dance steps in a tunnel with energy reminiscent of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love video.

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