I bet you didn’t think the words “racy” and “grandma” would ever be in the same sentence did you? But here they are together and of course in reference to the only celeb that could ever bring them together – Alexandra Burke.

Here she is, at the Royal Albert Hall performing with Dionne Warwick, in something that seems to have been made from a 1970s curtain. Her cleavage has nothing on Holly Willoughboobies Willoughby, yet Burke insists on hanging them loose, ironically, behind a piece of black lace.

But of course, as usual, she uploaded a picture of herself using Instagram – the social media tool that is notorious for bringing the model out of the Susan Boyles of this world.

But oh no, in the 21st Century no celebrity can ever hide from the HD camera…

It’s doing nothing for the figure that we KNOW she has!

Alexandra is such a stunning girl! But seriously… either her stylist is an IT intern (zero-sense of style) or simply just has it in for her!

Pappzd Verdict: Hang, Draw and Quarter the damn Stylist!