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What may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most was recklessly thrown away by Alisha White as the 21-year-old quit America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion after securing her place in the final four.

Following a bottom two finish with fellow model Eboni Davis, Alisha decided to sacrifice her position telling the show’s host Tyra Banks that she couldn’t stay on. She had hope this would save Eboni, with whom she had struck up a friendship during the show. Alisha told Tyra

I can’t stay. I can’t be selfish when I know that I need to do things for myself, I can’t do it… I’m not going to take it away from them and I’m not going to take it away from her [Eboni] so I would rather walk away and get my spirit back just to feel like Alisha again.

Unfortunately the plan backfired and both girls ended up packing their bags for home. In an interview with Wet Paint Entertainment Alisha spoke of beginning to feel stressed and unlike her usual self during the competition.

I just wish I was never branded and we weren’t given superpowers. I feel like if I could have just stuck to being Alisha White, I would’ve done so much better. Like I did in Britain [Britain‘s Top Model] I was Alisha White to the end. I was not given characters to play or things to imitate, I was just Alisha White.

Sounds a bit extremely naive to us here at Pappzd. That’s like going to work and telling your boss you only want to do stuff you feel like doing. “Yeah, that outfit there, that’s not really me, I don’t want to wear that – it’s not Alisha White, I only wanna wear stuff on the runway I’d wear down to Sam’s chicken shop.”

Although ANTM: British Invasion is yet to air in the UK, Alisha is already back with big plans to re-invent herself and launch her clothing line.

Watch the emotional video clip above.