Another year of reality TV talent shows means yet another year of fixing allegations. This time Britain’s Got Talent is the latest to face questions from audiences about the validity of their votes and the auditioning process. Favourite’s to win the Loveable Rogues, who were put through to the final, admitted on This Morning that they were in fact hand picked by BGT producers after being spotted on YouTube. Whoops!

Singer Te from the band said:

 They were supportive, we told them we wanted to do our own song and we didn’t have any issues. I think they knew from the gist of our band and from YouTube, that it’d work…they knew who we were and what we’re trying to do, and they supported that.

Sonny then added:

We never really thought about doing shows like this, but obviously an opportunity came along and it would be silly not to.’

Before the Britain’s Got Talent producers could land themselves in even hotter water a source from the camp insisted that no act was fast-tracked to the live shows and that this year talent had been contacted by ‘many routes’ including, YouTube videos, show-reels and word of mouth.

Did BGT just innocently recruit some potential auditionees or is there something a little more dodgy going on?