Whoa! We think we need to kick Pudsey off the stage because it looks like Britain’s got better talent than that dog. Chip and Angel are no strangers to fast cars and expensive clothes, but it looks like the two are battling it out for most swagged out artist in this picture.

The artist formerly known as Chipmunk pulls off a pair of daring red jeans, a YSL belt and a bright blue leather jacket which makes his shoulders look broad and his hips narrow. The plain white T-shirt allows the other colours to stand out and we are loving the rugged grown out hair (we think it’s on purpose) and the ever present geek chic glasses.

Tatted twin Angel goes for more subdued colours with black jeans,a black leather jacket and a Hermes belt, letting the burst of colour on his shoulder make the outfit pop. Another smart move with the plain T-shirt and those Ray Bans look damn fine with his sharp shaved head and trademark beard.

It’s way too difficult to decide who looks better here, so you will have to decide for us!

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