What with Chip now signed to Grand Hustle Records in America, we can only imagine the kind of attention he’s getting from the ladies. However, one woman that seems to have caught Chip’s eye since he’s been in the States is video model, Basketball Wives L.A star and ex girlfriend of Chris Brown: Draya Michele.

Although the pair have only been tweeting back and forth (as far we know), we can’t help but get the impression that something might be going on behind the scenes of the Twittersphere. Here’s our three reasons why:

Reason 1

At the beginning of the month Draya tweeted a picture of herself receiving a bouquet of flowers with the caption ‘Thank you’, which was then re-tweeted by Chip. Hmm.

Draya showing off her flowers. But who are they from?

Maybe Chip just liked the look of the flowers (or Draya holding them) or maybe he wanted to show his Twitter followers that chivalry isn’t dead, but we think that re-tweeting such an ambiguous picture implies that he could have been the mystery man that bought them.

Reason 2

Keeping in touch with people while you’re away from home is important, hence why Chip has invested in an iPhone during his time in America. However, not only did the 21-year-old rapper let his fans know that he was now rolling with a Team iPhone, he also tweeted a picture of the purchase to Draya, who seemed excited by the news.

Chip's new iPhone. FaceTime with Draya perhaps?

Reason 3

The flirting. Although the pair may not be tweeting each other constantly, when they do Chip always manages to fit in a compliment to the sexy 27-year-old and it looks like Draya is lapping it up.

The London Boy star loved the fact that Draya was sporting her natural hair and not a weave:

He also assured her that although some of the prettiest girls he’d met had ugly personalities, she wasn’t one of them *wink wink*

This might all be harmless flirting but with an amazing figure like Draya’s and with Chip sporting as many tattoos as her previous conquests Chris Brown and (supposedly) Wiz Khalifa, there might be more to this Twitter friendship than meets the eye.

And no rapper is complete without a beautiful lady by his side right?