Best save these kind of positions for the bedroom not the public eye..

Notorious love rat Jermain Defoe is the last person you’d want your daughter around, so Sir Philip Green we suggest you cage Chloe before she becomes his next victim.

The two were spotted being rather bummy-feely on a busy street in west London outside her car, and according to an onlooker they were trying their best to get noticed. A source told the Daily Mail

They were on one of the busiest roads in London, on one of the hottest afternoons of the year during rush hour. It was obvious they wanted to get noticed. They appeared to be really intimate as they hugged and flirted with each other. A few people said ‘Hello Jermain’ as they passed and it didn’t seem to bother either of them.

This must be terribly awkward for Alexandra Burke who is one of Chloe’s friends and was only dating Jermain a second ago. But don’t go crying to your pillow just yet Burke as the two have both denied that any sort of relationship is going on. Sir Philip said

I have spoken to my daughter and she has told me they are not in a relationship, they have only met once before. He had been coming out of the Royal Marsden Hospital after visiting a relative and they bumped into each other outside

Did she also explain the doggy position in public to you, good Sir? Quite accustomed to allowing men she’s only met once bum her in public, is she? That the way you brought her up, is it? No? OK then.

Meanwhile, Jermain’s reps said

I can say they are 110% not together, they are just friends. Jermain was visiting a very close relative and she just happened to be there.

There has been speculation that this could all just be a publicity stunt as Chloe just recently released her own shoe line. Check out some more  pics of the two canoodling below.