Troubled single mum Claire White with six-year-old daughter Ayesha

28-year-old Claire White was found dead hanging in her flat next to the body of her six-year-old daughter Ayesha White-Mukumbria, whom she killed. What led to this tragedy is believed to be White’s years of depression and Cannabis abuse.

Despite going through a ‘drug-induced psychotic episode’ at the age of 17, White continued to smoke the drug nearly everyday of her life. Her addiction spiralled her into severe depression leading to her death. Ayesha’s father, Harry Mukumbria, told the inquest at the Warwickshire Justice Centre in Leamington Spa about how he was never contacted by social services even after he had reached out to them showing his concern about his daughter and his ex girlfriend six months before their bodies were found in their flat in Christie Way, Stratford.

Harry Mukumbria began to question White’s ability to look after their daughter when he returned home to find Ayesha playing alone whilst White slept. It was White’s mother, Margaret White, and best friend Natalie Renardson who had found Claire and Ayesha’s bodies after they decided to forcefully enter the flat after Claire hadn’t returned any of her mother’s calls.

Renardson told the court that even though Claire had been prescribed anti-depressants, the troubled single mother admitted that they made her feel ‘numb’ and ‘soulless’.

A suicide note was found on the kitchen table by a police officer along with one of Ayesha’s books. Inside in a child’s handwriting was written,  ‘I love my book and I love my family.’

The inquest around their deaths continues.