New TOWIE cast member Danni Park-Dempsey

It looks like blue eyed Brian Belo isn’t the only black in the village anymore as Danni Park-Dempsey is joining the TOWIE cast in the next few days in a bid to add a bit of colour to the show.

Newbie Danni is a former barmaid and is good friends with cast member Lydia Bright and her mum Debbie. She has already shot some scenes ahead of the much anticipated return of the show this weekend.

The show has received criticism for its portrayal of Essex as a white only area, with some viewers tweeting

Some fans have welcomed the news while some critics have actually panned the show’s lack of white people too…!/RoxyHeart609/status/202659046359183360!/uw0t/status/200965264383291392

Responding to criticism that the show is trying to avoid a backlash from diversity campaigners, ITV2 have insisted Danni’s introduction to the show was all above board and had nothing to do with some ethnic quota they had to fill.

Danni is being brought in because she is bubbly, friendly and opinionated, not because of the colour of her skin.

Hmmm. Sounds suspect to me.