Despite playing a lead role in the hit US drama Homeland (which President Obama has revealed to be his favourite programme on TV at the moment), British actor David Harewood hasn’t had a single audition since his return to the UK.

Harewood received an MBE this year for his service to drama, yet has spent the last six months out of work. The 46-year-old admitted that he thinks black British actors are better off in the States where there are more opportunities for them to play leading roles.

He told The Telegraph:

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes up next year because I’ve been back six months now and I haven’t really done anything, which is a bit scary. There really aren’t the roles for me here. I haven’t had a single audition.

The Birmingham born actor revealed that although he was offered a minor role in a drama for ITV during his time back in the UK, he turned it down because he would rather have a bigger part.

Speaking at a preview screening for the Homeland finale, he said:

I’m a big old leading actor and as a black actor, there are very few roles for me to slot into so that’s been a bit disappointing.

Harewood’s views echo those of fellow black British actor Adrian Lester, who last year claimed that being a black actor in this country can be frustrating.

With all these men sharing the same sentiments, do we risk losing more of our talented actors to the Yanks? They’ve already taken Aml Ameen and Idris Elba from us!