Devlin believes he's the most credible urban act

We may not have heard from Devlin in a while but the MC is back and keen to remind the industry that he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

In a recent interview with Tim Westwood, the Dagenham based star said

If you don’t know about me already, I’m probably the most credible urban act that’s come out of the streets in the last few years. So if you’re in to your lyricism, I’m not saying you’re going to love me, but if you want effort in music… then go and support.

Humble much?

The Radio 1 DJ (and part time pied piper Proud2 party thrower) even seemed to agree, saying there are a number of ‘funny’ guys making music at the moment. Devlin responded by claiming that some urban artists can only appeal to the mainstream for so long until their music becomes repetitive and unrepresentative of the genre it originated from. He continued

You can’t get away with murder for too long… you can only make so many dance records and put a blonde singer on the chorus for the clubs and that… I’m all for the lyrics.

Although the MC insists he doesn’t have any beef with these ‘funny’ rappers, he went on to say

My Mum should have a mansion with all the money they’ve took out of this game and I’ve built this since I was 14 years old… It’s not jealousy, it’s not hatred, fair play… But this is my game…

It looks like Devlin is on a mission this year to put some of these other artists back in their place.