Dizzee Rascal seems to be going bonkers as he’s contemplated signing a fish monger to his Dirtee Stank label *blank stare*. The unlikely act caught Dizzee’s attention after a video of the man singing on YouTube went viral.

The man, dubbed as ‘One Pound Fish Man’, has become somewhat of  a tourist attraction in Queens Market, Upton Park with people travelling just to get some footage or pictures with him.

Dizzee being busy with his music and artists has only just found out about One Pound Fish Man but seems to have taken to the bait (see what we did there?) and wanting to sign him to his label.

If Dizzee can come out of east London as an underdog and transform himself to one of Grime’s most successful artists, then maybe he can work a bit of magic and  make One Pound Fish Man a star. Maybe.