Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder refused entry at Proud2 Eskimo Dance

Grime music giants Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder (OK, not so giant in Tinchy’s case) found out that being a celeb, and in fact a grime legend, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got an automatic pass into Eskimo Dance which took place at Proud2 last night.

Despite being two of the biggest MC’s in the game and having arguably the most recognisable faces in UK urban music, the pair were sensationally turned away at the door. Even godfather of grime Wiley couldn’t use his power as king of grime to persuade security to let Dizzee and Tinchy into the venue.

Eskimo Dance sees some of the biggest MC’s from grime’s heyday doing what they did best and going back-to-back on stage. Dizzee and Tinchy, being pioneers of the scene, had been expected to join Wiley, God’s Gift, Flirta D, Boy Better Know and other grime favourites for what promised to be a momentous night.

However, despite being turned away the pair seemed to take it in their strides and didn’t even make a diva-style fuss.

After word of Dizzee being denied access escalated on the social networks the Holiday MC took to Twitter to explain cover up the situation:

OK then Dizzee, thanks for clearing that up. We believe you. It’s a shame because we’re hearing it was a big night. Have a look at some footage below

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