DJ Tallman Stretch

We’ve all been there. You start the night off with one drink, which quickly turns into 10, and before you know it bam! – you’re hovered over some innocent girl’s suitcase, pants down, legs squat, taking a good old dump.

OK, so that may not be your typical Saturday night out – but that’s what happened to House DJ Tallman Stretch at this weekend’s 48th Southport Weekender.

The Southport Weekender, one of Europe’s biggest indoor festivals, took place with American singer Jill Scott as the main headliner and as one can expect there was an abundance of alcohol and scantily clad women. Mix that with the smell of lust in the air and you’re truly in for a rock & roll experience.

However, DJ Tallman Strecth found himself in a less rock & roll and more ‘pass the toilet roll’ experience when he used a girl’s suitcase as a toilet.

According to the DJ, who confessed this morning on Twitter after rumours were circulating, the behaviour was caused by his drink being spiked.

As embarrassing as the ordeal was, we salute Tallman Stretch for not pulling a Peaches McQueen (a London model who in 2010 got so drunk she crapped all over herself and much to her horror had photos exposed online by DJ Docta Cosmic) and vanish off the face of the Earth.