Police are deciding whether to speak to Queens Park Rangers footballer Djibril Cisse after an attack occurred outside a cinema in west London, involving a fan that he had allegedly had a previous altercation with.

The QPR striker had been out with his wife Jude at the Vue cinema in Park royal, London when a group of four men approached him at the box office asking for a photograph. They then allegedly began to shout his name, which lead to Cisse asking them to quieten down because he wanted a quiet night out with his wife Jude.(How Sweet!)

One of the four men named Geoffrey,20 said that an hour into the American pie: The Reunion, a stranger entered the screening demanding him to leave the cinema, he told the Sun:

Outside we were surrounded by about eight men. They had been waiting in cars… They started shouting, saying they were going to break our legs and kill us.

Cisse’s spokesman last night said:

There were four guys who started being abusive at the entrance. They were shouting ‘Cisse’… He went in and watched the film and they came to apologise. The guys had been a bit lairy. There was no altercation.

All terribly confusing and judging by the way things are looking it seems that the only crime that was committed that night was Cisse’s hair.