Estelle was snapped outside celebrity favourite Aura nightclub in London before her performance this week.

She seems to have picked up a whole new style over in the States and repped the US in an American Apparel Screen Printed Unisex Power Wash Flag tee, barely-there black shorts and over-the-knee cutout boots.

We love that Estelle seems to be trying out new things with her look and she definitely looks much younger and the on trend fitted jean jacket and washed out T Shirt adorned with chunky silver jewellery looks so good with her choppy boyish haircut.

She gets away with the tiny shorts and covers up most of her legs with these crazy boots, which are saved by the open toe detailing.

There is something a bit weird about the boots, but this could be a so bad they’re good moment.

Pappzd Verdict: Shake Their Hand