A woman has finally come forward and admitted her involvement in a racist rant which took place on the Central Line between St Paul’s and Mile End stations on 23 January.

Jacqueline Woodhouse,42,was filmed as she racially attacked fellow passenger Galbant Juttla. The video was later uploaded to the internet.

The rant was aimed at  Juttla who was returning from a funeral of a family friend when he heard Woodhouse shout abuse at a black female passenger.

Jacqueline Woodhouse and Galbant Juttla

He then asked Woodhouse to stop talking to which she replied

I will have you arrested because you do not live here… I hope you are not claiming benefits and I hope you pay your taxes.

When questioned on the incident, Woodhouse stated that she ‘couldn’t remember it’ due to her alcohol consumption prior to the attack. However, Woodhouse was fined following a similar incident on the Docklands Light Railway back in 2008.

She is due to be sentenced later this month and could face seven years in jail.