Glamour model Jahreen the Dream is known for her enviable derriere and her assets have often been the talk of many men and women who are fascinated by her booty shaking skills. But it seems a group of people Jahreen doesn’t want talking about her body is her work colleagues.

Yesterday, she tweeted:!/Jahreenthedream/status/197040408168116225!/Jahreenthedream/status/197040811643375616

Don’t feel too bad Jahreen, there’s a lot of girls out there that would kill to have a body like yours. Though I’m not sure how I would feel if everyone in the office was sharing pictures of me in my underwear.

On a serious note though, the workplace is not a place to talk about ‘bumbums’ even if that certain ‘bumbum’ is one of the most amazing things you’ve seen in your life.