Former head of MTV Base, Jasmine Dotiwala, has exposed the real reasons for  Tim Westwood’s unceremonious sacking from his prime time slot at BBC Radio 1xtra.

The media maven candidly tweeted:

Every1 predicted it years ago. As soon as Radio1 boss Andy Parfitt left, Westwood would no longer be safe (Godfather to Parfitts son) LOL
How long can u keep flouting work rules and keep your job when you’re holding back new talent? #westwoodParfitGoddaddy LOL
We are not sure which rules Jasmine, who is a walking contact book, is talking about. But if it’s crimes against fashion and the English language, then we agree. It looks like there’s more to this story than Tim Westwood is letting on and Jasmine seems to be in full support of Westwood’s successor Charlie Sloth, tweeting:
@CharlieSloth who dares wins son- who dares wins! Many have come and tested the throne. Victory comes through real talent and “nice people.”

Looks like Westwood will just have to raise the entry fee at his notorious raves to make up for his loss in income…