So you’ve cheated on your girlfriend with a ditsy glamour model, and it’s also been alleged you had a cupboard romp with a Peter Kay look-a-like, and now surprisingly – your girlfriend doesn’t want you back. What do you do?

Well if you’re Jermain Defoe you show the world that you’re throwing up the deuces to your relationship with singer Alexandra Burke by demanding back all the gifts you showered her in during your time together.

According to the Daily Star the Tottenham stiker wants back his £175,000 Bentley that he claimed he only lent to the Bad Boys singer, along with a ring and a watch he gave her after the first time revelations of his infidelity hit the press.

But Alex isn’t going down without a fight. Sources say the 23-year-old isn’t giving anything back because some of her belongings are still sitting in Defoe’s bachelor pad.

So in the battle of Defoe Vs. Burke, who do you think will win? Our money is on Alex, there’s that look of I’ll-bust-the-windows-out-your-car she’s had in her eyes since the day she broke up with Defoe. Just saying.