According to The Sun Alexandra Burke has finally dumped her boyfriend Jermain Defoe after she caught him cheating. Again!

And no it wasn’t a glamour model or a former Big Brother star, it was nurse Kirsty Crummey who is not the kind of woman we expected Defoe to cheat on Aburke with.

Last month it was revealed that the footballer cheated with model Laura Brown and now Kirsty reveals she slept with him as well.

Kirsty was fully aware that Defoe was in a relationship when she had sex with him and explained to the newspaper that she basically didn’t care.

I didn’t want to hear about Alexandra and he never mentioned her. I guessed he was with her but I didn’t want to know the truth. I’d fallen for him and I suppose I was fooling myself we could be together.


Kirsty met Defoe in July last year after he allegedly pursued her on Facebook and she revealed how the 29-year-old begged her to send him naked pictures and videos and take part in a threesome. The brunette then confessed about their intimate moments in a walk in cupboard, a spare room and in a hotel.

The bitter 26-year-old seems to be getting her revenge on Defoe as she explained that the only reason she was exposing him as the dog we all know he is, was because he used her.

He preyed on my vulnerability. I wasn’t going to turn him down — I’ve never had a footballer like him show interest in me before. It was flattering but I know now he was just using me. He has hurt me so much. I just hope other girls reading this see him for what he is and don’t fall into the same trap I did — and Alexandra Burke now knows what he’s like. That’s the only reason I’ve decided to speak out.

Well if there’s one way to get revenge, it’s to sell your story about having sex with a footballer in a cupboard to the Sun! Let’s just hope Kirsty doesn’t bump into Alexandra Burke’s mum any time soon. Things could Defoe get nasty.