Well, well, well. What do we have here? Another footballer who seems to think that they are a god sent from the heavens above and can act as reckless as they like. Unfortunately Jermaine Pennant, you are not a god and you cannot fist bump a woman in the face and expect no repercussions.

The 29-year-old Stoke player allegedly punched Jenna Timmis in the face on Sunday morning in Manchester nightclub Circle Club. Why, you ask? Because Jenna claimed to be a friend of his partner and wasn’t too happy to see the footballer flirting with other girls in the club. A witness told The Sun

This girl started to have a real go at him saying, ‘You’ve got a baby, you got my friend pregnant and now you are here with other girls.’ Afterwards he was dragged outside by security staff and she stayed inside. She was pretty upset with him but seemed composed.

Shortly after the altercation Pennant was involved in a car collision, crashing his BMW into an Audi with the driver of the Audi being taken to hospital for minor injuries.

Punching women? Drunk driving? Crashing cars? What a role model.