Jamal Edwards partying hard in Ibiza with singer/songwriter Rox

This week has been an eventful week for the SBTV founder to say the least! After hanging with ex-USA presidents in London, Jamal Edwards partied hard in Ibiza last night and bumped into singer/songwriter Rox.

Now, after arriving back in London today, he’s off again! This time to be chilling with rap megastar Nas!

But before he goes, he even had a few hours to spare to do the very British/European thing that is watching the cheesier-than-Stilton-cheese show that is Eurovision.

(Albeit not really understanding it!) But nevertheless, these airlines need not complain about the recession if they have people like Jamal going back and forth like a ping pong ball from country to country!

Jamal please just take me with you! Put me in your suitcase – I promise customs won’t notice a THING!