Kanye West with Kim Kardashian in London... wonder where she put his leash

Congratulations Kim Kardashian, you’ve just secured a permanent spot on Beyonce’s ‘never let these people into my inner circle’ list!

Kim was already knee-deep in Beyonce’s bad books (with reports that the singer wants nothing to do with the reality show star whatsoever) but her latest stunt is sure to leave a bad taste in Bey’s mouth.

The socialite, who is currently in London promoting her new fragrance True Reflection, apparently snubbed Jay-Z at a recent dinner. According to The Sun Jay-Z had invited Kanye to a dinner party at one of London’s best restaurants, Zuma, to meet with some top executives and associates, and Kimmy Cakes accompanied him.

However she reportedly commanded Kanye to leave the dinner early, and just like a dog listens to his owner Yeezy was a good boy and did what Kimmy said. A source told The Sun

Jay expected Kay and Kim to mingle. But as soon as Kim whispered in Kanye’s ear, they left.

We don’t think Beyonce will take too lightly to this news, Kim. I bet it sucks to be you right now!