Lady Fury has become Beau Pierre

Main pics: Beau Pierre shows off her new look, Inset: The old Lady Fury

Before the Lady Leshurr’s, Mz Bratt’s and Roxxxan’s, Lady Fury was the main chick in the game.

She not only famously had epic back-to-back battles with Shystie, but was also one of the only female MC’s thought to be capable of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the male MC’s who dominated at the time.

However, to the disappointment of many grime fans Lady Fury hung up her boots and mysteriously disappeared. She hasn’t made a public appearance since. Until now that is.

At O2’s Eskimo Dance on Friday (11 May) Fury appeared on stage with a new makeover so dramatic that no one at all knew who she was until she was handed the mic. She spat a quick bar before announcing her return to the game and claiming she has an album on the way with a new look. Yesterday she tweeted:

Erm yeah OK then. D’accord, d’accord. We don’t know how her French name is going to work – or sound – in grime, but with her new stage name Fury Beau Pierre has adopted a new punk/boyish image that will certainly draw comparisons with A.Dot and Roxxxan.

I’m waiting eagerly to hear tracks from this new album she has been working on. Sacre bleu!