Leona Lewis wasn’t taking any chances with the weather this week as she stepped out to get a takeaway in her Mac and wellies. While it’s unfortunate that the paparazzi were ready to pounce on Leona as soon as she stepped out of her house, as a celebrity we think she should have been a bit more prepared and at least worn a coat that was the right size. Or at least some lippy to brighten her face up a bit.

We would have forgiven Leona for pulling her hair back into a casual ponytail and going make-up free in this over sized trench, if she hadn’t already done the unimaginable and worn a similarly horrendous outfit earlier in the week.
The Bleeding Love singer wore a violet version of the coat for a night out recently, which did look better than the one above. But unless she was dressing up as a 7-year-old flower girl, we’re failing to understand the purpose of that headband.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the Stylist