Leona Lewis has recently spoken about how humbled she is to be performing at this year’s Radio 1 Hackney Weekend and how a possible duet with Rihanna hasn’t been ruled out just yet.

She told The Metro:

We’d have to vibe it and see where it goes and if we’d both be up for it – she’s an amazing artist.

However, we have to admit that Leona Lewis and RiRi couldn’t be any less like each other if they tried. And is it just us or does the image of the two singers on stage together conjure up something similar to a stripper dancing next to a nun? Well, not quite, but you get the idea.

Leona is also involved in the Radio 1 and Radio 1xtra Academy, which aims to inspire young people.

She told the Evening Standard:

I am from Hackney and grew up here and wanted to be involved and give back to the community. Everything boils down to money – there is not enough money for education or community groups. A lot of important groups are being shut down. This is to give young people an opportunity, to show them that people care and they are not going to be left behind.

Whether she performs with Rihanna or not, the former X Factor winner mentioned that the concert is still a ‘huge deal’ for her:

I’ve not really done a gig as big as this. It’s a huge deal for me. A lot of friends and family can come and see it.

Leona and Rihanna may be the pop world’s version of chalk and cheese, but we would definitely be intrigued to see a duet between them. We wonder what song they would sing…