Well well well, what do we have here?! Leona ‘look at me now’ Lewis aka one of the most boring celebs on the planet has decided to do something interesting for once and be a little controversial. No- she hasn’t released a sex tape (and hell will probably freeze over twice before that happens) but what she has done is express how upset she is with American rapper Kanye West.

Leona tweeted about how disgusted she was with Kanye West’s lyrics in his song Theraflu in which he says ‘tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor’, referring to the animal rights campaign PETA and presumably his love for fur. Leona said

Followed by a twitpic of a mink.

Leona has a strong passion for friendly furry creatures and earlier on this year asked officials on the UN’s 2012 Earth Summit to include protection for farm animals on their agenda, so we can kind of see why she would have her knickers in a twist over Kanye’s controversial lyrics.

However we highly doubt that Mr. West is going to lose a wink of sleep over Leona’s public retraction of her love for him, and we’ll probably just end up with one of these moments again: