What with Danni Minogue being too embarrassed to return to the X Factor this year following revelations about her ‘fling’ with Simon Cowell, a number of stars have been lined up to take her place.

However, if you’re thinking of an outspoken, loud and opinionated famous face to fill Danni’s spot then think again. It has been confirmed that Leona Lewis will be taking a seat next to Tulisa, Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow for the London auditions on Saturday at the O2 Arena.

A source said

Leona isn’t exactly the harshest critic in the world but she has experience of singing – and being on the X Factor.

And here we were thinking the show was all about drama and entertainment.

We’re struggling to imagine Leona telling anyone that they’re crap or giving any type of negative criticism, but we can picture her being the token ‘cryer’ of the panel.

The former X Factor winner will be appearing as a guest judge (phew) and joins the list of other celebs, such as Tinie Tempah and Gwen Stefani, who are also rumoured to be making a brief judging debut during the audition stage of the competition.

As for this decision, well it’s not okay dot com!