Girls around the UK may want to go into hiding as Lioness is out to find a certain female who robbed her when she was at school.

The Femcee was asked by Urban Flash if she ever used to be a bully at school, to which she replied no. However she did share a story about how she was mugged once in year seven and has never forgotten the day a girl named Tanya in an orange tie took her beloved umbrella.

Basically I had this sick umbrella, you know the plastic one and its see through, no one had them but I had it. So anyway she was like so lemme see your umbrella, grabbed it out my hand and gave me her one, come lets swap for the day. Do you think I saw my umbrella ever again? No I didn’t. So Tanya, year 11 in Crown Wood school. If i see you again, I really will gripse you up for my umbrella.

Lioness and a fan. Things could have gotten nasty if she accidentally grabbed the Femcee's umbrella.

Lioness also revealed how she told her brother about the incident, which seems to have resulted in her getting the umbrella back. Not in the same condition mind you.(Don’t you just hate it when people do that.)

But it all ended well and Lioness can now revel in the fact that whilst Tanya probably has ‘bare kids now’, the south London star is one of the hottest MC’s out there.