Maria Fowler and Marcus Collins (far right)

In what can only be described as ‘Is This Life?’ news, ex TOWIE star (we use the term ‘star’ very loosely) Maria Fowler has admitted to calling X Factor runner up Marcus Collins a half breed. However, she adamantly denies that she is a racist.

The incident took place on Twitter when Maria posted a photo (above) of her and Marcus together, mentioning that the singer had been rude to her when she had asked him for a picture. Marcus responded and an argument broke out, in which Maria apparently (the tweets have now been removed) called him ‘a f****** queer c***’ and a ‘half breed’.

A sample of the argument:

On Sunday the glamour model released a statement via Twitter apologising for her use of the term ‘half breed’, but insisted that she didn’t know it had racist connotations. *side eye*

Maria wrote:

In reaction to the allegations I mentioned that I am not a racist person and I went with a mixed race boy the other week. Now stupidly I used the term “half breed” which means someone who is a mix of ethnicities, I then laughed at the stupidity of the situation.

What I did not realise (and now fully regret) is that the term “half breed” is seen by some, as derogatory it is a word that has openly been used by my peers through my life. In the dictionary, the term “half breed” means “the offspring of parents of dual racial origin” and the term racist is used for someone with hate towards people of different ethnicity to themself, which is sickening and ignorant.

I have never been a racist and to suggest so is deeply hurtful and sickening. it’s a difficult world where the slightest comment and people jump and a bandwagon so quick to brand you racist. And it’s a shame.

I have not a racist bone in my body. I have had serious relationships with both a mixed English/Jamaican, and also mixed Pakistani/Portuguese these are not the actions of a person with hate towards other races.

I sincerely apologise if I have upset anyone with my terminology. This is a mistake I will definitely learn from. I am not perfect and we all make our mistakes. But once again I am not a racist and deeply sorry for any offense that may have been caused.

Where do we begin? We should probably applaud her first for finding a dictionary. However, we’re not quite sure why dating someone of a different ethnicity means you can’t be racist (just for the record Maria, we are not calling you a racist). I mean, wasn’t Cheryl Cole accused of racially aggravated assault, but then went on to marry Ashley Cole?

Maybe hold on to that dictionary Maria, so that you can use a better choice of words next time and save all this embarrassment.