Chloe Evans appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back as Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend, Raffaella Fico, allegedly went psycho after hearing that Chloe and Mario had been bed friends for 2 years.

On Sunday Raffaella and Mario had a row that got so heated the 21-year-old bad boy had to call Manchester City FC bosses who then called the police to check on him. When the police arrived at Mario’s mansion in Cheshire he told them the argument was just over money, and they promptly left.

According to Chloe this isn’t the first time Raffaella has spazzed out on Mario. The busty blonde recalled how Raffaella had locked Mario out of his mansion when rumours he was scoring goals in-between 23-year-old escort Jennifer Thompson’s legs surfaced. Chloe and Mario had tried to get into the house, but were eventually forced to break in.

Oh Raffaella! As much as I would like to sympathise with you – I can’t. You strike me as one of those people who continuously play with fire, even though you know it’s going to burn you. When will you learn?!