After the antics that went down at Oritsé’s birthday party last year (we’re still trying to erase the image of him stuffing his face into a pair of saggy tits out of our minds-yuck!) we knew we should’ve been prepared for what the JLS boys would have in store for Marvin’s stag night. But we had no idea that the pictures that arrived on our desks would be as crazy as this.

The boys flew out to America for Marvin’s stag do on 2 May and they seem to be sticking by the motto ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, but unfortunately for them the paparazzi have been following their every move.

In the UK Marvin is usually joined at the hip to fiancee Rochelle, but for the stag do he ditched her in favour of Vegas rapper 5 Cent. The boys dressed Marvin up in a T-Shirt with a naked woman printed on it, complete with red lingerie, a leg tattoo, and a black garter and handcuffed him to the popular performer.

Meanwhile back  in the cold and drizzly UK, Rochelle had to entertain both her and Marvin’s parents, and probably try and keep their eyes out of the tabloid newspapers to avoid seeing Marvin’s crazy stag photos. She tweeted:

Aww. Nice to see Rochelle getting along with the in-laws.