Many of you might remember Anthony Ogogo from his appearance as the heartthrob on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack in 2008, but since then, the 23-year-old has been back in the boxing ring training for the 2012 Olympics.

And it looks like that training also involves taking ballet lessons. Ogogo was spotted practising his pirouettes with the English National Ballet recently and appeared to be enjoying the experience, as the video clip shows.

He told The Sun:

The similarities and the differences really that boxing and ballet share… how disciplined they have to be and obviously boxers you have to be really really disciplined…what you eat and what you can and can’t do and the sacrifices you’ve got to make, they make an awful lot of sacrifices as well

Anthony also noticed how competitive the world of ballet can be too, which is another trait it shares with his own sport.

The middleweight star only just secured a spot on the Great Britain Olympic team last month after suffering from a series of injuries, which almost jeopardised his chances of competing.

Well, he certainly made those leggings look good.