Oritsé Williams isn’t usually known for being the buffest member of JLS but it looks like that’s about to change, as he revealed a toned new six pack on Twitter.

The singer has admitted that out of all the guys in the group, he has to work the hardest to get in shape even though he hates being in the gym.

Unlike many other males who love nothing more than lifting weights and showing off their muscles, Oritsé told Heat magazine that he can’t wait to finish his gruelling routine:

I hate the gym. I can’t wait till the end. It’s true! I do what I need to do, put myself through maximum punishment, then get out.

And it definitely is a gruelling routine as bandmate Marvin Humes confirmed:

Oritsé has got the craziest gym routine. He’ll come back from a club and go to the gym. He doesn’t get, like, steaming (drunk). He only has a few drinks.

Well, they do say no pain no gain and in this case we’re sure Oritsé has gained quite a few more female fans. And is it just us or is his new body making the blonde mohican look better too?

Now, if someone would just tell JB to spend a bit more time working out aswell so he can get rid of those moobs.

Life is tough when you're a man with moobs