Plan B has taken up a career plan B: film directing

The Hard Times singer revealed his directorial debut during Cannes Festival. The film called iLL Manors focuses on London’s gang culture.

The musician has already had a stab at acting with small roles in Adulthood and other films but said he really wanted to make an “important” film with him at the directing helm. He said:

My music is always coming from a place, and this film came from a place where I want to talk about these issues because I feel that, no matter how negative they are, if we address them, talk about them, we can somehow learn from them.

However, not everyone warmed up to the idea that the musician-come-director was running things on the  first day of set:

When I started, the crew were mostly like, ‘What the f*** is this pop star doing making a film? I had told them beforehand that I’d never done a film before and made that clear and they all said, ‘Oh, we’ll look after you, we’re here to help’, and then the first day of the shoot I got that (attitude)

Plan B, real name Ben Drew, previously sat as a judge on BAFTA’s Rising Star Awards.