Plan B has made it perfectly clear in the past that he doesn’t see himself as the best role model. The actor/singer who is known for his bad boy reputation will be one of the many artists volunteering to coach and mentor teenagers in workshops including script writing, music and drama at the Hackney Academy as part of the run up to BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend and the summer Olympics.

Trevor Nelson, Leona Lewis and Plan B will be working with teenagers involved in Radio 1's Hackney Academy project.

The Ill Manners rapper told radio 1’s Newsbeat that he feels positive about the three week project and revealed that he will be taking an honest and real approach with the youths taking part saying,

If you have lived a sheltered life, I’m not the best role model because I’m too real and I’m honest… When talking about sex or drugs or crime, I’ll speak like I’m speaking to an adult, those things can’t be dressed up or watered down… Yeah I will go in there and swear. I’m not their teacher, I’m not going to get fired over it.

We won’t count on anyone bringing Plan B a shiny apple to his desk on the first day of the summer workshops then.