Professor Green has revealed he is not a fan of ITV’s reality television series The Only Way Is Essex.

The rapper went on to say that if he was Prime Minister for the day he would have the whole cast killed off in order to raise the country’s IQ.

However, Pappzd would not be doing our job as impartial observers if we did not remind you that Pro Green is currently dating Millie Mackintosh, who stars in E4’s rival (and less successful) reality series Made In Chelsea. Protecting your interests much, Prof?

Pro Green admitted in a web chat hosted by The Sun:

I’d put all of TOWIE in prison. Or maybe I’d kill them all and the country’s IQ would rise… Only joking!

Somehow we don’t think he’s ‘only joking’. Joey Essex, Sam Faiers and the rest of the ditzy group might want to avoid Pro Green from now on.