Terri Bancroft

It seems like a day can’t pass by without Rihanna finding herself in hot water. The Bajan megastar faces controversy after egging on a UK school girl who was suspended.

15-year-old Terri Bancroft was suspended from Blessed Edward Jones RC school in north Wales for dying her hair ‘Rihanna Red’, and was told not to return until she changed it to a more natural colour.

Rihanna's red hair became a global trend

Terri dyed her hair black and returned after a week, and much to her and her mother’s surprise Rihanna showed some support for her. She tweeted

U are my hero Terry Bancroft!!!!! The color of your hair doesn’t change who u are, you are an A grade student #1love

Along with a photo of the schoolgirl. Well we hate to burst your bubble RiRi but according to Terri’s mum you were not the inspiration for Terri’s red hair.

She is a fan but she didn’t do it to copy her… it’s amazing that she found out about it and tweeted about it.


Rihanna faces criticism for being a bad role model and ‘idolising’ Terri’s school suspension, but we highly doubt that she cares as she previously stated in an interview with British Vogue that she has no interest in being a model figure head.